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     30.01.2023 - Donation for SeedBox (Storage Server) We Need Help with donation for Seedbox!!!!!
    We accept donation to cover costs associated with running the tracker. These costs primarily come from reting hardware and the operating expenses of our services. Our current montly costs are 15$. All donations go to cover these expenses and anything extra will be apllied to the next month's bills.

    With your help we can seed and share more and more video and audio for everyone.
    If you like this project, consider donating, no matter
    how much or less you can donate, it'll help in the maintenance of the servers.

    You can make a donation via
    Bitcoin : bc1q65rjnjzhfvjaq5mdtmgm5zumurswkduzp70ncw
    Ethereum : 0xd720C3C46cB340888a4686518aA283F60fD1ed37

     30.01.2023 - Audio and video

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