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Audio / FlacGolden torrent Download Add to bookmarksLinkin Park - Hybrid Theory Demos (Reloaded)
Info hashdeb695d2019d87513bd9cd63737e00b32cbfa05a
DescriptionBack in 2019 Linkin Park sold several pieces of old gear through the Techno Empire Reverb Shop leading to over 9 thousand sounds from the bands personal library surfacing online. Among sounds of released and unreleased songs were actual projects from Mike Shinodas personal computer that were used by fans to export a total of 233 instrumental demos that were compiled and shared under the name Hybrid Party Of A Thousand Things an amalgamation of the titles of the album sessions those projects originated from.
It was noted at the time that the Hybrid Theory demos were missing some of the sounds that could be heard on other versions of the same demos present in LP Underground releases and LPTV / LPUTV episodes. In fact, the collection contained almost strictly beats, with very little melody.
A group of dedicated fans continued studying the material from Mikes computer and not only were they able to identify the origin of many of the samples used in the Hybrid Theory demos, they also discovered the missing sounds werent absent from the projects, but only muted. Not only that, some of the sounds had the decay is set to minimum which made them nothing more than a click sound.
After a period of hard work, those fans were able to restore all the previously missing sounds in those projects and re-mixed the demos so the community can now enjoy them in all their intended glory just in time for the 21st anniversary of Hybrid Theory. This new collection includes a few bonus tracks from songs without a project available.
Read the PDF file for more Infos.

1. Al_Intro
2. Emo
3. Goop
4. Hurry
5. Hurry2
6. Krak
7. LA 001
8. LA 002
9. LA 004
10.LA 005
11. Mic
13.Oh No
17.Sad (Song1)
18.Sad (Song2)
26.Ashes_Be (Bonus Track)
27.IndianCh (Bonus Track)
28.JeffPorn (Bonus Track)
29.Pencil (Bonus Track)
30.StepRe1 (Bonus Track)
31.StepRe2 (Bonus Track)
32.StepUpDr (Bonus Track)
33. YaBeat (Bonus Track)
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Stranger at 2021-11-04 06:13:47

thanks a lot for this! looking forward to hear the bonus tracks!

lpplus at 2021-11-05 08:32:56

new updates:

*1- "04. Goop.mp3" from the "Bonus - Hybrid Theory Demos (Reinterpreted)" folder had some speed problem, it changed halfway into the track. This was fixed in new torrent.
**2- a few errors/typos in the PDF files fixed too.
***3- added a 33rd track to the MP3 and FLAC folder.

Overall 2 items in 1 page, showing 10 per page.

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