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Audio / FlacGolden torrent Download Add to bookmarksMike Shinoda - Vienna, Austria, Arena Wien Open Air (07.09.2018) [Source 2]
Info hash7ffd5dd744181419a248f5dfd4200b9bc0ba76a6
DescriptionMike Shinoda
September 7, 2018
Vienna, Austria
Arena Wien Open Air


01. Welcome (Ext. Intro)
02. When They Come For Me
03. Hold It Together (Sample Outro)
04. Roads Untraveled
05. In Stereo (Remix Ending)
06. Ghosts
07. Sorry For Now (Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ Demo Verse)
08. Crossing A Line
09. Castle Of Glass (Piano Style)
10. Waiting For The End/Where'd You Go
11. Numb (Piano Version; Shortened)
12. Heavy (Piano Version; Shortened)
13. Burn It Down (Piano Version; Shortened)
14. In The End (Piano Version; Piano Intro)
15. About You/Over Again/Papercut
16. Make It Up As I Go
17. Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out
18. Cigarettes (2015 Remix Version)
19. Until It Breaks (Ext. Intro; Shortened)
20. It's Goin' Down
21. Remember The Name (Shortened)
22. Running From My Shadow

Taper: eyesburningup
Source: Zoom H2 > WAV (44.1 kHz, 16bit)
Lineage: WAV > Audacity (EQ, normalization, split into songs) > FLAC
Location: A couple meters in front of sound board, centered
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15-About You-Papercut.flac38.83 MB
02-When They Come For Me.flac34.95 MB
10-Waiting For the End-Where'd You Go.flac33.05 MB
09-Castle Of Glass.flac28.84 MB
04-Roads Untraveled.flac24.19 MB
07-Sorry For Now.flac22.88 MB
08-Crossing A Line.flac22.64 MB
01-Welcome.flac22.17 MB
03-Hold It Together.flac20.83 MB
06-Ghosts.flac19.10 MB
22-Running From My Shadow.flac18.52 MB
18-Cigarettes.flac18.46 MB
14-In The End.flac17.81 MB
16-Make It Up As I Go.flac17.55 MB
05-In Stereo.flac16.52 MB
13-Burn It Down.flac15.98 MB
20-It's Goin' Down.flac15.19 MB
19-Until It Breaks.flac15.14 MB
17-Good Goodbye-Bleed It Out.flac13.25 MB
21-Remember The Name.flac12.36 MB
11-Numb.flac5.12 MB
12-Heavy.flac4.55 MB
_info.txt1.05 kB
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