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Audio / FlacGolden torrent Download Add to bookmarksStone Temple Pilots - Chicago, Illinois, House of Blues (22.04.2015) [Source 1]
Info hash794de10b86ffb68bb2f29d68547cbc8f7843018a
DescriptionStone Temple Pilots
with Chester Bennington
April 22, 2015
House of Blues
Chicago, IL


01 Intro
02 Lounge Fly
03 Vasoline
04 Wicked Garden
05 Sex Type Thing
06 Pruno
07 Crackerman
08 Coma
09 Sin
10 Big Bang Baby
11 Out of Time
12 Heaven and Hot Rods
13 Meatplow
14 Adhesive
15 Creep
16 Big Empty
17 Plush
18 Interstate Love Song
19 Down
20 Sex and Violence
21 Trippin On a Hole and a Paper Heart
22 Piece of Pie
23 Dead and Bloated

Taper: Auger3d
Equipment: Sony PCM M-10, SP-CMC-8 Cardiod
Source: 96khz, 24 bit > FLAC

Notes: RIP Chester, he did a great job on his short
run with STP. Included are pictures that I took myself.
QualityAudience - Shot
SeederLast time was here 5d 23:38:21 Ago
Size2.25 GB (2,412,770,932 bytes)
Added2017-07-23 12:57:58
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Files39 Files
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01 Intro.flac20.06 MB
02 Lounge Fly.flac98.58 MB
03 Vasoline.flac71.33 MB
04 Wicked Garden.flac95.54 MB
05 Sex Type Thing.flac84.55 MB
06 Pruno.flac71.80 MB
07 Crackerman.flac84.79 MB
08 Coma.flac85.73 MB
09 Sin.flac136.32 MB
10 Big Bang Baby.flac77.87 MB
11 Out Of Time.flac76.24 MB
12 Heaven and Hot Rods.flac88.69 MB
13 Meatplow.flac94.40 MB
14 Adhesive.flac132.17 MB
15 Creep.flac126.89 MB
16 Big Empty.flac140.10 MB
17 Plush.flac138.48 MB
18 Interstate Love Song.flac82.08 MB
19 Down.flac100.56 MB
20 Sex and Violence.flac68.10 MB
2015-4-22 House of Blues, Chicago, IL - STONE TEMPLE PILOTS.md52.05 kB
21 Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart.flac124.92 MB
22 Piece Of Pie.flac130.35 MB
23 Dead And Bloated.flac133.33 MB
house of blues 061.JPG2.38 MB
house of blues 063.JPG3.13 MB
house of blues 064.JPG2.96 MB
house of blues 067.JPG2.98 MB
house of blues 069.JPG3.10 MB
house of blues 084.JPG2.29 MB
house of blues 087.JPG2.54 MB
house of blues 089.JPG2.38 MB
house of blues 090.JPG2.60 MB
house of blues 097.JPG2.90 MB
house of blues 099.JPG2.44 MB
IMG_4830.JPG5.53 MB
setlist.JPG2.60 MB
stp info.txt0.67 kB
stp ticket.jpg306.49 kB
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